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While all of the books written by Mark Ludwig Stinson are available in paperback and hardcover versions, they are also available as free PDF downloads below.

Heathen Tribes

Heathen Tribes – A Collection of Essays Concerning the Tribes of Our Folk” is a collection of over 60 essays concerning the Folkway of our People and the Tribes we build. Heathen Tribes includes a chapter for new Kindreds and Tribes, chapters on roles and responsibilities within a Tribe, building regional bonds between Tribes, a chapter on heathen families, and the book even includes an example of kindred by-laws that you can adapt to your own use. This is a book of practical advice for any Heathen involved in building and maintaining a Heathen Kindred or Tribe.

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Hardcover $24.95

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Heathen Families

Heathenry is very family oriented, and encourages us to live responsible lives of honor. Nothing is more important than our families and the children that we bring into this world.  The modern heathen fables included in "Heathen Families" are just one part of a larger puzzle of finding better ways of sharing our way-of-life with our children. This book brings together all of the essays written to-date by Mark Stinson on the topic of Heathen children and families.  Love your children, give gifts to your Gods, honor your ancestors, and respect the Vaettir of the land. Hail our Folk!

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Hardcover $16.95

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Heathen Gods

Heathen Gods – A Collection of Essays Concerning the Folkway of Our People” is a 208-page-book of Asatru/Heathen essays written by Mark Ludwig Stinson, Chieftain of Jotun's Bane Kindred and a AFA Folkbuilder in the Heartland. Chapters cover essays for new heathens, how to start and maintain a kindred, living a heathen life, as well as poetry and a journal of Mark's journey to visit Iceland in 2009. The free download version has the same exact content as the First Edition Print-Versions available in paperback and hardcover below.

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Hardcover $22.95

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If you choose to download from “here,” allow the PDF's time to load. These books are completely free and were produced under an Open License. You may download, distribute, or share these books anyway you'd like as long as they remain intact and you do not profit monetarily.

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