The Prose Edda - Five Translations

The Prose Edda is one of the primary sources of our Lore, and serves in many ways as the core of our Heathen beliefs. As more translations become available, we will add them to our library.

The Prose Edda - This 1916 translation of the Prose Edda by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, is a commonly read and commonly used translation.

The Younger Edda - Also Called Snorre's Edda or the Prose Edda - This PDF file is a cleaned up, freshly transcribed version of the 1880 translation of the Prose Edda by Rasmus B. Anderson. Anderson's tranlation is also commonly used. Click Here for a PDF file consisting of actual images of Anderson's 1880 translation.

Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson - This 1906 translation by I.A. Blackwell is normally found co-published with the Thorpe translation of the Poetic Edda. In this case, we've removed Thorpe's Poetic Edda...and created a PDF file of just Blackwell's translation of the Prose Edda.

The Prose or Younger Edda - This is a 1842 translation by George Webbe Dasent. 

The Prose Edda - This 1954 translation by Jean I. Young is provided as a PDF file created from a web-version of Young's translation.

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