Welcome to the Midwest Tribes!  We are autonomous Asatru or Heathen kindreds and tribes that understand the value of gathering with each other face-to-face and building strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between our groups.  We believe that by knowing each other and working together, we can get more done for our individual tribes, our region, and our Folk.  We support a grassroots and regional approach to Heathenry, and while we seek a unity of purpose we will always respect and defend the right of each tribe to have its own traditions and thew. 

Regional Approach

We realize that if we want something, we have to work hard and make it happen ourselves.  No one is going to come and start a kindred for us.  No one is going to build a Hof or Hall in our local area for us.  It takes strong heathen families, dedicated kindreds, and grassroots and regional efforts to reach our goals here in the Midwest. 

No "King"

Here in the Midwest, there will be no "Leaders for Life."  No top-down effort to artificially unify our beliefs.  No collection of money from our people, by far-away leaders that do very little for our region.  No internet-based theological battles to split our Folk.  We accept no "King."  The decision-making and control of our regional efforts, rests with the strong Chieftain's, Gothar, and Elders of our Midwest Tribes. 

Asatru or Heathenry

Asatru, or Heathenry, is based on the pre-Christian religion and way of life of our Northern European Ancestors.  During the Christian conversion of Northern Europe, the ways of our People were replaced by the Christian religion, which originated in the Middle East, and was pushed northward by Rome.

Modern Heathens honor the Gods that our ancestors honored, and we honor them in the way that they did. We also honor our ancestors and the spirits of the land.

Heathenry is very family-oriented, and encourages us to live responsible lives of honor.  To read more about Heathenry, click here .

The Midwest Thing

Each year at the Lightning Across the Plains gathering in September, kindreds and tribes from across the Midwest meet to communicate and collaborate on regional issues and projects.  This meeting is called a "Thing." 

The Midwest Thing consists of two separate meetings.  One attended by the Chieftains, Gothar, and Elders from each tribe, and then a larger meeting which can be attended by any heathen in attendance.

The purpose of the Midwest Thing is to move Heathenry in our region forward.  To read more about the Thing and how it works, click here .

Midwest Heathen Gatherings

Heathenry is about community, gathering as a people, shaking a man or woman's hand, looking them in the eye, hearing their voice, telling stories, getting to know each other. Its letting your kids play together. Letting your spouses get to know each other. Its about laughing at dumb jokes, and telling stories from your life. Its about mingling Wyrd...and taking the measure of another person, and finding them of worth.

There are a number of regional gatherings here in the Midwest that allow our kindreds and tribes to gather in order to build face-to-face bonds of friendship and trust.  Over the past two years, Heathen gatherings in the Midwest have been among the largest Heathen gatherings in the world.

These gatherings are also an excellent opportunity for Heathens living in isolated areas with no other Heathens around them, to meet and get to know other Heathens.

For a list of Heathen gatherings in the MIdwest and information on how to attend, click here .

Regional Efforts

Through regional communication and collaboration, all our our individual kindred efforts are strengthened.  Soliciting input and assistance from other kindreds becomes more possible, and the "reach" of our efforts is increased by our unity of purpose.

Regional efforts are still controlled by the individual kindred that began the effort, but our efforts are multiplied by working together.

Publishing efforts, prison ministry, resource collection and sharing, and Godhi mentoring are some of the regional efforts in place now, but over time there will be more.  To read more about our efforts click here.

Find Other Heathens

One of the most difficult tasks for new heathens, is to find other heathens in their area.  But, it is also true that many heathens that claim they can't find other heathens, really haven't exhausted all of the options at their disposal. 

Finding other heathens can be a lot of work, but it is worth it.  Heathenry is very family and community oriented, and to a certain degree the idea of a solitary-by-choice Heathen flies in the face of our ancestors' Ways.

We administer the Worldwide Map of Asatruars and Heathens, and we've brought together a lot of collective experience to make a list of steps you can take to find heathens in your local area.  To access the Worldwide Map and to learn more, click here.

The On-Line Heathen Library

We've spent the last several years putting together one of the largest on-line heathen libraries, and we've made it available to you here on our website.  The library includes well over a 100 books, including many translations of the Poetic and Prose Eddas, the Sagas, and Beowulf, Culture of the Teutons, The Road to Hel, and many others.

Many of these books can be downloaded directly to your computer, and nearly all the books can be printed onto paper from your computer, if your opposed to reading on a screen.

To access the on-line library, click here.

Heathen Bookstore

One way we can communicate our beliefs and our approach to Heathenry here in the Midwest, is to publish books and journals in both electronic and traditional printed formats.

Some of these books will be new publications, written by authors among our Midwest Tribes.  Others will be older public domain books, brought back into print after years of being nearly impossible to purchase in the printed form.  And finally, there is the Tribal Heathen Journal, a periodic collection of heathen essays, poems, and artwork.

Our goal is to provide practical and informative heathen books, at an affordable price.  To see the books available in our heathen bookstore, click here.

Other Resources

For submission guidelines and additional information on the Tribal Heathen Journal, click here.

One of the best heathen resource websites is maintained right here in the Midwest.  The Temple of our Heathen Gods has its own on-line library of heathen books, an excellent Heathen FAQ section, articles, an active message board, and other resources.  To visit this webiste, click here.

To visit the popular Temple of Our Heathen Gods Facebook page, click here.

To visit the Midwest Tribes Facebook page, click here.  Don't forget to click the "like" button while you are there.