The Heartland Hof & Hall Meeting
Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 4:00 to 7:00 PM
At All Souls, 4501 S. Walnut, KCMO 64111

This Heartland Hof & Hall Meeting will center around a faining honoring Frigga. The talk will focus on family, loyalty, honor, and frith within a kin group. What does it mean to be family?  We'll spend 10 minutes discussing one rune appropriate to the topic.

The study group will focus on learning about each of Frigga's handmaidens.  We discuss what is known about each one, and discuss the role that each plays in our lives and our folkway.


This page will eventually feature specific information about the religious faining at this event, as well as information about the workshop and study group that will be held after the faining.

Meanwhile, if you have questions please contact Mark Stinson at

All HHH meetings are family-friendly gatherings, and everyone is welcome at this public event.  HHH is a great way to honor the Gods and Goddess of our People, as well as our Ancestors and the spirits of the land.  HHH also allows you to learn more about Heathenry, or Asatru, and to get to know Heathens here in Kansas City. 

We hope to see you there...


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