We'd like to extend an invitation to you...please join us on our new Message Board.

We had to replace this old message board. It was not a very good system. Behind the scenes, it was enormously vulnerable to spam-registrations. It currently has 130,000 spam-registrations and when I try to find the real people to add...it just binds everything up and I get errors. To delete the 130,000 spambots, I would need to click a button 130,000 times. There is no "delete all" button! So, time for a new, better, message board.

The new message board is a Simple Machines Forum board. It is very stable and has a lot of features the old board didn't have. Plus, it isn't vulnerable to spam-bots the way the old board was. We're looking forward to establishing a place where Heathens can come and share ideas, learn from each other, and get inspired about our Folkway.

Currently, to register you simply answer a few anti-spam-bot questions and you are ready to go. Admin approval is not required, so you can begin posting right away.


We'll see you over there!

Mark Ludwig Stinson

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