The Worldwide Map of Asatruars and Heathens

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To be added to the map, simply email with (1) your name or your kindred's name, (2) your city, state, and country, and (3) at least one way to contact you, though multiple forms of contact information are preferred.


Many Asatruars and Heathens have trouble finding others in their area to talk to, gather with, or with which to possibly form study groups or kindreds.   What follows is a list of steps for finding other heathens in your area. Its not guaranteed to work, but if you follow every step, great things can happen.

---Using the Worldwide Map---

1.  Zoom in on your area on the Worldwide Map of Asatruars and Heathens.  Use the embedded map here on this page, or Click Here to access the map directly.  Zooming in on your local area, you can see if there are any individual heathens or kindreds nearby.  Even if there are no heathens "nearby" on the Worldwide Map of Asatruars and Heathens, you may find heathens to gather with that are within driving distance.

2.  Even if there are no heathens "nearby" on the Worldwide Map, it is worth contacting whatever heathens or kindreds are closest to you, in order to ask them if they know some heathens in your local area.  Active heathens and kindreds tend to have at least some knowledge of other heathens in nearby cities, their state or their region, and are almost always willing to put you in touch with them.

3.  Add yourself to the Worldwide Map!  A heathen may come along in the future, and find you there...

---Various Places to Search---

4. Google searches for heathens or heathen/Asatru Kindred in your local area or nearby towns and cities. Just put "Asatru" with the name of your city, or "Heathen" or "Kindred." Try different combinations of words. And try search engines besides Google, like Yahoo and Bing. They often give different results.

5. Social networking has practically taken over the internet, and its influence and reach is only growing.  So searching Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites for individual heathens in your local area or nearby towns and cities can sometimes yield results. Also look for Asatru/Heathen groups and fan pages on the social networking sites

6.  The page allows you to search for "meetup" in your area.  You can look up Asatru, Heathen, Heathenry, Norse, or even Runes in an attempt to either find existing "meetups" in your area...or to find other people looking for the same sort of group. 

7.  The Irminsal Aettir website has a listing of heathen individuals and kindreds, listed by state.  Click here to search these listings.  You can even list yourself. Some of the listings are very out-of-date, but its worth trying all of them anyway. You just never know which one might pay off.

8. There are various Yahoo e-lists that are heathen-oriented.  Some are topic-oriented (runes, seidhr, etc.) but many others are regional in nature.  You can find them by using some of the search terms recommended in Step #4.  You can search for groups in your region and contact them directly.  Or you can post a message on some of the busier e-lists letting people know you are looking for heathens in your area.  Click here  to access the Yahoo e-lists website.

---Taking Action Yourself---  

9. Go to a local new age or metaphysical bookstore, and ask if they know of any heathens in your area. Ask permission to post a notice asking for Asatruars or Heathens to contact you.

10.  If you are still having trouble, you could start a group page on one of the social networking sites.  For instance, a "Springfield Illinois Heathens" page or a "Salina Kansas Asatru" page.  On some sites, like Facebook, Google+, MySpace, or Yahoo Groups this does not cost any money.  Other sites, like, charge you to start a group of this nature.

11.  Host a heathen get-together of some sort.  Choose a place, time, and date, and then promote the get-together in all the various ways available to you.  Announce it on your social networking page, on the Yahoo e-lists, on any Facebook groups you belong to, etc.  You can even hang up posters for your event at the local pagan bookstores or coffee shops.

---Asking for Assistance from Others---

12. If you have trouble finding heathens or kindred in your area, contact generalist pagan groups or wiccan groups (meetup groups, websites, facebook groups, pagan pride groups) in your local area, and see if there are some Asatruars or Heathens that are known to them. Often these generalist pagans groups will be aware of Asatruars or Heathens in their area.

13. Click here to go to the AFA Folkbuilders page and see if there is a Folkbuilder nearby and contact them. Most AFA Folkbuilders will help you find heathens or kindreds in your area without requiring you join the AFA.  If you want to join the AFA, feel free.  But if they suggest you must join before they will assist you, consider for a moment why they are doing this.

14. Click here to go to the Troth Stewards page and see if there is a Steward nearby and contact them. Most Troth Stewards will help you find heathens or kindreds in your area without requiring you join the Troth.  If you want to join the Troth, feel free.  But if they suggest you must join before they will assist you, consider for a moment why they are doing this.

15.  If through all your various efforts, you find heathens or kindreds in nearby cities, your state, or your region...feel free to ask them if they know any heathens or kindreds that are in your local area.  If they do know, they are certain to help.



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